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Un-Wiring the future of Education - The Importance of of Technology Infrastructure
Anita Gorski
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I'm a teacher why should I care about infrastructure?
Developing a district technology plan
Tech Support
Hardware - What should we buy?
Software - Is money even required here?
Professional Development defines infrastructure as the basic, underlying framework or features of a system or organization. In order for any system to run as smoothly, seamlessly, and effectively as possible, a strong foundation mut be in place. The infrastructure of a town might include things like water lines,
drainage, power, transportation, and schools. It must be developed with an eye toward the future, and be able to handle the increased capacity of additional population, evolution, and civic development.

Technology infrastructure refers to all of the foundation equipment and networks that exist behind the scenes. Wiring, switches, wireless access points, servers, and data drops are just a small number of items that must be considered. The unfortunate reality is that infrastructure is always blamed when things go wrong, but overlooked both when things go right and when budgets are being considered for new equipment. There is a great deal of planning involved and this chapter will provide some guidelines to establish this necessary foundation.

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