Chapter 3 - The One iPad Classroom

by Karrie Zanetti

Take a moment to reflect on your elementary years. Can you remember the technology your teachers used? Were there computers in the back of the room? Did your class go to a computer lab? Did your teacher even have a computer? How about an overhead projector? Did you watch movies on a DVD, VHS, film strip, or reel? Isn't it amazing to think about how far technology has come? Could you have imagined that someday teachers would make the world come to life on something smaller than your math book?

This short video on the History of Technology in Education might bring back some memories!

One year after this video was made, Apple unveiled the iPad. A tablet computer putting books, games, music, the web and virtually the world at our fingertips. The iPad is finding its way into the hands of educators and into the classroom. And it is changing the way we present and access information. It is leaping us forward - making learning not just active, but interactive.
Here is a just a glimpse of Apple's vision for the iPad and education:

But what does iPad technology look like in an elementary classroom? This chapter will seek to investigate the Five W (and One H) questions of implementing a One iPad Classroom. Although a One iPad Classroom could occur at the middle school or secondary level, this chapter will focus on one iPad in an elementary (K-5) classroom. In this classroom the teacher is interacting with the same set of students for the majority of the day for a variety of different subjects. The iPad can assist the teacher making the day-to-day tasks of teaching easier, as well as, enhancing curriculum. This chapter will focus on making the task of implementing a One iPad Classroom a little bit easier for the elementary teacher.

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