Chapter 2
Ben Sondgeroth

Below are two links to my chapter. I chose to create my chapter in iBooks Author. The program is amazing and very easy to work with and reminds me a lot of Keynote as the templates are extremely easy to work with. I did however struggle with attempting to publish it into the iBooks store and am having some difficulties using the the publisher application on my Macbook. I was able to export the files below in both a .pdf and .iBooks. In order to view it in iBooks access this page on your iOS device and open the link. I really enjoyed using the application and I will post an update on using publisher!

Constructing an iPad Classroom from Scratch Outline

As technology in the classroom moves forward their is one device that is catching all of the attention in the market, the iPad. This mobile device has many of the capabilities of a traditional laptop, but has the portability of a handheld. Schools are taking the initiative to implement more and more iPads into their classrooms every day. At Morrison High School in Morrison, IL, where I teach, we have taken up this initiative an implemented 5 iPad classrooms that use sets of 30 iPads. I was lucky enough to be the first teacher to receive an iPad cart. My goal for this first year was to use the iPad as the sole learning device in the classroom, meaning I would not use a text book the entire year. I would build my history curriculum around the apps available through the iTunes store, and also various internet sites. Using a Moodle server I planned on having all of the student's work turned in online, essentially creating a paperless classroom. This chapter is a case study on how the initial set up went and some of the problems that I came across in making this type of classroom work. I hope the issues I have had to deal with this year can be avoided by others after they read this chapter.

Trials and tribulations of setting an iPad cart up

Purchasing Apps

Putting the apps onto the iPad class set

Class procedures for the use of the iPads

Limitations of the iPads with solutions