Technology driven Differentiated Instruction
By Shweta Perswal

If we look at contemporary classrooms, we will find that they are becoming increasingly diverse. The inclusion of students from diverse cultural backgrounds, students from low socioeconomic background, students with special needs, students from non-English speaking background, students with disabilities, students from gifted and accelerated programs are forcing the present day educators to take a second look at their mode and method of instructions. To cater the different needs of the learners in classrooms, the best option to educate them is through differentiating instructions.

A fundamental tenet of the differentiated model, is that teacher must engage students (Tomlinson,2000). We all know that if technology is used judiciously then as a tool it has tremendous potential to engage the digital learners. It proves very helpful in connecting and motivating the Digital Natives who cannot imagine a world without tech devices. These learners have to survive in future world with new set of skills. If educators of present time fail to connect with them and equip them
with the required skills then the purpose of education will get defeated. Let's learn how to engage the multi-tasking, creative, globally connected learners in our classrooms by differentiating instructions with the help of technology!

Why should teachers differentiate their instructions?
Methods and Strategies for differentiating instructions
Leveraging TECHNOLOGY to differentiate instructions for the Digital Natives
Differentiation in action
Benefits and Challenges
Useful resources for teachers