The Flipped Classroom
(By Mi Kyung Choi)

external image flipped-classroom1.jpgIn21 century, many teachers use technology in ther classroom so that the teachers can teach student effectively. Recently, there has been a lot of interest and controversy about the flipped classroom. When I'm searching for this concept, I figure it out this new concept of technology can be practically workable for all student in our classroom. In addition, 'The flipped classroom' concept can be applied for all students at the same time by their teachers. Not only that, but 'The flipped classroom' makes the use of technology so that the main content of each subject in the classroom are delievered as homework via short recorded videos and the classroom time is used for practice and
extencsions activities. It means that all students' study level can be considered through 'the flipped clssroom' like reading, math, science level of students. Therefore, I'd like to support 'The Flipped classroom' concept for all students so that the students can have a successful learning process in their classroom.

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When I'm searching for concepts of The Flipped Classroom, I figure it out this new trend creates the opportunity for differentiated roles to meet the needs of students through a variety of instructional activities. In our classroom, when the teachers decide to appy the Flipped classroom method for students, teachers
should focus on creating the engagement and then look at structure, like the flipped classrom, that can support. if the school cannot provide teachers of their lectures recordings, other devices and softwards, The flipped classroom is unable to work in their classroom. So, I'd like to consider that "What technology do the teachers have to suppor the flipped classroom?", "What technology gaps exist that might hinder it?". Lack of technology doesn't necessarily close the door to the flipped classroom model, but it might require some intentional planning and differentiation. When the students is struggling in their study, through the flipped classroom study students can overcome their misunderstading parts, and have a good motivation for themselves. When they practice over and over, the students can get a good grade in their studies. It means that the flipped classroom can give them a second chance for their study. Not only that, but all the time if the students practice and study in their study, they can participate effectively with their high self-esteem.