Flip the Classroom
by Katie Steen

In the comings and going of educational reform, one thing remains the same. Time. There is none. After class size amendments and course load caps, there remains the reality that teachers struggle to find enough time to meet every student’s needs. There is too much content to cover, too many varying degrees of knowledge and skill to address, and too few hours to tutor every student individually.

The expansion of digital resources and the internet offer a solution. Using an LMS and digital content, a teacher can “increase” the time they have by allowing students to self direct some of that time. Teachers can prerecord lectures, find already made lectures, and put up assignments online. All of these options allow students to get the same content without the teacher present or without the teacher directing the activity. This gives the teacher time to work one-on-one with other students. This allows teachers to lecture and tutor simultaneously thereby doubling the activities able to be completed in one hour.

Watch this short video by Aaron Sam, one of the founders of the flipped classroom model, as he shows us what his flipped classroom looks like.

This is just one of the many ways to integrate technology into the classroom as a way to increase student learning and help teachers accomplish their goals. I hope that teachers can use this chapter as a practical guide to implement digital tools into the classroom to increase their productivity and effectiveness.

In this chapter I want to explore: