Response to Intervention: what does it mean for us?

By Rachel Schneck

A New Teacher's Perspective:
When I was finishing up my last semester of undergraduate work before student teaching, multiple professors of mine made it a point to tell their classes that we needed to know what the term Response to Intervention, or RtI, meant. They stressed how important it would be in our future classrooms, and that it was a term that would undeniably come up in an interview. In my opinion, it sounded like a preventative step to take to make it look like I was prepared; the funny thing was, nobody did anything to explain the topic to us in a manner that helped make us understand why it would be important to us as educators. As I look back on my first two years of teaching, I can say that RtI is something that I encounter on a daily basis, and it is something that I knew was important before any professor even mentioned it. The real question still remains: why is RtI such a big deal in my classroom, and what impact will it have on my role as an educator?