Ready to try incorporating cell phones into your classroom? Check out these lesson plans and project ideas!

Here is an excerpt from Liz Kolb's book, Cell Phones in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Educators.

Read about how a language arts teacher is using Web 2.0 resources in conjunction with cell phones in her classroom or how a PE teacher is using QR (Quick Response) codes in his classes.

There is also a sample lesson included towards the end of the excerpt for anyone interested in trying a classroom radio show.

Liz shares this K12 Cell Phone Projects Wiki on her blog where teachers share successful projects.


Scholastic shares a variety of ways to incorporate cell phone on its Mobile Learning Lesson Plans page.
Here are some quick links to specific plans.
Collecting Biological Phenomena in Everyday Life
Local History Scavenger Hunt
Periodic Table Ringtones and Review
Geometry Digital Blogging Books
Summarizing by Text-Messaging Shakespeare
Peer Review and Collaboration Using Chat Tools and/or Voice Recorders
Using Basic Digital Cameras to Engage Reluctant Writers

Remember, as you begin thinking of ways to incorporate cell phones into your classroom, think about the way the technology can enrich your lesson. We still want students to be engaged in learning the content--not just engaged in the tool. Think about the standards being addressed and make sure they are still the star of your lesson.


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