How do you budget for technology? Especially technology that hasn't been invented yet?

Districts typically plan technology budgets in five year increments, but major technology changes approximately every 3 years. One important trick of the trade is to break up purchasing computer upgrades in a three year cycle that way there are always some of the new upcoming technology in the school.

When planning a technology budget or a Tech Plan there are some major components to consider: Hardware, Software, Network, Software & Hardware Maintenance, and Training. The does a great job of highlighting these major components and explaining what to look at when planning a budget for all these pieces of technology.

This 5 year technology plan is just one example of how to create an effective plan for a school, library, or district. This plan was created by Tyler Independent School District for the 2007-2012 School Years.

Even thought the following is a checklist for a library the information and planning strategies are effective even for the school districts. This checklist speaks about not only about how to maintain the current technology but how to to plan ahead for the changing technology. Tips for Writing a Tech Plan Once again this checklist mentions the importance of budgeting for not only technology but the training of the staff so the technology can effectively be used in the classroom.

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